Any Woman Can provides free abortion information to young women in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Whether you are considering an abortion, or want to know alternative options, Any Woman Can offers unbiased, fact based materials in a comfortable environment.

Abortion education is extremely important, especially since whatever decision you make will change your life. Once you realize you are pregnant, deciding what to do is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. Therefore, we offer free abortion education and free counseling. When one has an unplanned pregnancy, it is a difficult and confusing time. Thus, we provide medically accurate information to help young women make an informed decision.

We Offer Help

Any Woman Can provides a well trained staff to help answer any questions that you may have. Whether you have questions about an unplanned pregnancy,  the abortion process, or tests that may be needed, we strive to offer the most relevant and accurate advice related to your circumstance.

The last thing we want is for any young woman to be ill prepared for her decision because of a lack of relevant information. Whether you are looking for post abortion counseling, abortion education, or alternatives to an unplanned pregnancy, Any Woman Can is here for you. All of our services are free and confidential; therefore, you never need to feel ashamed or fearful when you visit.

We are here to offer support and medically accurate data, in a comfortable environment, so that you are confident in your final decision.

Free and Confidential Services

An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy can often lead individuals to become completely isolated from friends and family. Please don't try to face this situation alone. Even if you only speak to the staff at Any Woman Can, it is better than facing this life changing decision one your own. However, having the support of family and friends during this trying time can help tremendously.

All of our services are completely confidential, including our abortion education and counseling. Therefore, you can take assurance in the fact that all of your confidential questions and information stay between you and Any Woman Can.

There are many young women who have, or who are currently going through, the same process you are facing now. Talking about your situation with counselors and others often helps with the communication and decision process. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff at Any Woman Can questions. We are here to help you and provide answers.

It’s Your Decision

The decision of where to go from here is entirely yours to make. However, as with any decision, all factors should be considered before making a final choice. Through the materials offered in our free abortion education, Any Woman Can provides you with the tools to make a final, informed decision.

We are here to offer information in a warm and comfortable environment. If you are looking for abortion education materials, please don’t hesitate to call us at 210-370-3793 or fill out our online appointment request form.