Happy New Year to all of you!

If you happen to be a little worried about keeping your resolution(s) this year then try an alternative method that may last all year.  

For example, if you want to have healthier relationships or be healthier in general then commit to working on those things from a different perspective.  Instead of working on the end results try working on the core values that lead to those results.  If I have tried for the past five years to lose weight but give up by the fifth month of each year then perhaps I should consider working on the underlying part of me that leads me up to falling short of my resolution.  I may need to work on self-control, discipline, educating myself on the foods I eat, exploring different lifestyles that are also healthy, and so on.  If I feel I will fail by the sixth month then there is an underlying aspect that I need to work on instead of the desired outcome itself.  

I have a relative that I suggested work on taking responsibility and accountability this year.  I want that relative to understand what they mean and work on those qualities for the entire year.  I suspect by the fourth month (max) that once they fully understand those words and start living them out then it will be easier to move toward better eating choices.  It was not wise for this relative to jump in and strive to eat healthy because when their attempts failed, that individual would point fingers at others instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

I hope this helps you on your way to having the desired outcomes for 2015.  If you want help or suggestions on what you should work on then leave a comment below.

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