Going along with a previous post, make sure that when you are in a relationship, you only offer what you are comfortable offering.  Do not fall into peer pressure or go along with any words or actions you will regret later.  In all circumstances, make sure you stand for what you believe and be confident that it is okay to stand alone in your decisions at times.  I go against the majority on a regular basis and sometimes a few people in the majority come to me later and tell me how they wish they were as strong as me.  Be the one to stand for what you believe because there are many in the majority who go along with the crowd against their own beliefs.  

At the end of the day, what he needs from you has to be things you are comfortable and willing to offer.  As with the previous post, I will share with you a couple of my deal-breakers and invite you to do the same.  If a man says he needs to only be in my company when no one else is around (private meetups) then that is against my comfort level and not a person I want to consider for a prospective mate.  I have a long list but at the end of any day, I am willing to offer a prospective mate the same things I would offer my own brother or male friend.  He is a prospective mate not my husband so I have to keep those boundaries in check.  If things do not work out then I do not want to find that I have offered him anything I would regret.  With that being said, another thing on my list would be a man asking me to pay for his meal or movie ticket each time we hang out.  I do not want my prospective man to depend on my finances but to bring his own to the table.  I would not want to get too far into the relationship with him only to realize my standard of living must go down once we marry because my income would have to support him as well.  I require my husband to be a leader in many areas and finances is one of those areas.

Talk back to me!  Leave your comments below and tell me what you consider crossing the line when a man asks you to do certain things?



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