You have an idea of what you desire in a man but when he comes along, your ideas change to align with what he has to offer.  Perhaps he meets and exceeds all of your expectations but falls short on one item.  Your emotions and hopes are up and you want things to work out so you excuse his one shortcoming only to regret it later.  Here is a tip to help you out for your future prospects.  While you are alone and not being influenced by any man that you like, make a list of everything you need a man to offer you.  This is not a list that is full of your desires but a list that contains everything you need because if he does not offer it then it is a deal-breaker.  The reason it is best to do this while you are not in a relationship is so that your list is not swayed in his favor.  

I have a list that is fairly solid.  I will share two of mine with you that a man must provide or it becomes a deal-breaker.  He must be adventurous and willing to learn from me.  I am known for doing things outside the box and I could not imagine living my life with a man who has no dealings with adventuring outside his comfort zone.  At the same time, I am always learning and sharing that information with others and if he is not willing to learn from me but only wants to be the one to teach me new things then I will not feel I bring my whole self to the relationship.

Feel free to post comments below or even put down some deal-breakers of your own.    



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