To any woman:

Hello, I am so glad you have stumbled onto this page. My name is Jordan and I have been invited to blog for Any Woman Can. I have not been instructed to discuss any specific topics, soooooo I think the most effective use of our time is for me to tell "my story" and answer any questions you, ladies, might post along the way. 

Just to give a quick preface, I grew up in San Antonio. I went to school at TMI (Texas Military School) then I went to Churchill High School. I have two younger brothers, Jake and Clay, and a mom and dad. I also have a dog named Zeus and cat named Charlie. After high school I went to Texas State for whopping one semester then transferred to Baylor. I now live in Sausalito (just north of San Francisco) California and I work as a sales representative for a medical device company. 

I will be honest in this blog. I will tell stories that might make some feel uncomfortable, but I have been revived, forgiven and gifted. For me not to tell my story would be foolish and selfish. I encourage you to be as vocal as I am in this blog and to communicate with me with any questions or comments you may have (even if they don't relate to the topic being dicussed). I want to be a voice for any woman. I want to be a voice for you. :)


With much love,