What Does He Need From You?

Going along with a previous post, make sure that when you are in a relationship, you only offer what you are comfortable offering.  Do not fall into peer pressure or go along with any words or actions you will regret later.  In all circumstances, make sure you stand for what you believe and be confident that it is okay to stand alone in your decisions at times.  I go against the majority on a regular basis and sometimes a few people in the majority come to me later and tell me how they wish they were as strong as me.

What Do You Need From Him?

You have an idea of what you desire in a man but when he comes along, your ideas change to align with what he has to offer.  Perhaps he meets and exceeds all of your expectations but falls short on one item.  Your emotions and hopes are up and you want things to work out so you excuse his one shortcoming only to regret it later.  Here is a tip to help you out for your future prospects.  While you are alone and not being influenced by any man that you like, make a list of everything you need a man to offer you.

Is He The One?

How do you know if your romantic relationship is one that will last?  There is usually a point where the man you meet makes you ask, “Is he the one”.  Before you let your imagination run wild with this man, ask yourself some important questions and be honest with the answers.

Am I being who I really am with him or am I acting in a manner that I know will keep him attracted to me?

Is this a true friendship?  If we could only remain friends forever, would he “make the cut”?

Does he know my true passions and respect them?  Does he honestly listen to me?